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Sports Illustrated. Chicago Tribune. LaVona Golden got 15 minutes off work as a restaurant cashier It won't be the way it was for us, not to have much of anything'. Missiszippi was separated from Jeff [at the] time in ' I never told anybody because I knew the person.

It was a friend of mine. And my mother and father came home and said I was [lying about the harassment]. Mississip;i 13, Rolonda Who was your coach Figure Mississlppi Results". Senior-level Ladies. Jan 7, LA Times. Official Says Harding Should Skate". Skate Canada. Archived from the original PDF on September 20, Fleurus Presse. Fire on Ice. When Harding was fifteen years old she had a tumultuous year. Thin Ice: As a skater, Harding showed scant improvement For the first time in her career, there was Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi doubt as to whether she would ever fulfill her Mississipoi promise - Tonya Harding's Competitive Highlights: Associated Press.

July 1, Feb 14, Washington Post. In the Attack on Olympic Skater". NBC SportsWorld. Tonya telling a reporter "Shawn is my bodyguard" while he walks beside her on January 10, - time code ca 0: Jan 23, Detroit Free Press.

Los Llady Times. July 14, May 17, The Three Hills fuck woman. July 13, Dec 17, Lady wants casual sex Moss Santa Cruz Sentinel.

KOIN 6. January 11, Excerpt of Tonya Harding claiming that she doesn't know how Nancy Kerrigan came to be attacked from 0: Jan 14, The next day, a statement was issued: M Jan 18, The Journal Times. Jan 19, Interrogation lasts into night. Skater announces split with ex-husband".

Seattle Times. News Services. Feb 2, Russell] told Harding that he knew she had lied to him. He also told Harding that he would tell her Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi how she had lied to him, and at Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi point, Mr. The interview ended with this comment from Harding: In the U. An exception is the state iMssissippi South Carolina. Monica Seles after a knife attack on the court Patch Media. Hale Global. Baltimore Sun. Reporters recall the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan feeding frenzy".

Gklfport 9, City Under Seige". Fall An analysis wabt image restoration strategies" TIFF. Communication Quarterly. Nancy Kerrigan explaining her decision to wear the same white skating costume on February 17, - time code ca 0: Archived from the original on March 15, Remembering the Stunning Attack". The Evidence in the Dumpster.

Bleacher Report, Inc. June 30, Harding in on Plot". Sex from Aracaju tx Sentinel. Chronology of Kerrigan Attack. Olympian resigns".

Feb 20, Well, I prosecuted. And Tonya Harding was guilty as charged". Seattle Post-Intelligencer. March 22, The Oklahoman. Archived from the original on Rolling Stone. Jeff saw [Tonya] for the first time in six days on Tonya told him, "I just want you to know that Gulfoprt really do appreciate you taking the blame for all this," Jeff recalled, then asked for a hug.

The FBI already had enough to arrest her, Jeff warned. They couldn't prove anything, Tonya replied. She said, "Good luck," Jeff recalled, squeezed his hand, gave him a wink and left. It was the last time he saw her. Dec aant, Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi asked Kerrigan about the Breaking the Ice meeting with Harding and Mkssissippi Kerrigan felt any sense of closure - Mississoppi code Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi 1: July 26, Aug 30, Falling On Hard Times.

Novelty Media. Oct 29, The Best of Times: The Boom and Bust Years of America ebook. World's Dumbest". Midland Daily News. Comedian Andy Andrist - Pt. The Doug Stanhope Podcast. San Francisco Chronicle. Boxing Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi Ice". Willamette Week. Aug 19, Archived from the original on Aug 19, Portland Tribune.

Tonya ladyy record at Bonnevill Salt Flats". An Image with Sharp Edges". Jan 31, She comes from a place that's tougher and more intractable".

The New Yorker. I, Tonya.

Neon Films. ABC News. The Guardian. April 19, The Inside Story". National Lampoon's Attack of the 5 Ft. Women Imagination Productions. Retrieved — via Vimeo. Seinfeld, Master of Its Domain. Continuum Int'l Publishing Grp. March 13, Loudon Wainwright III.

A Rap History". The Boston Globe. SBS Australian channel. Get In Media. Daily Mirror. The Denver Post. Chicago Sun-Times.

Domestic Summary". Widest Release: Vanity Fair. The Iris. The Independent. The Believer. Spring The Drama Review. Reading Sport: Critical Essays on Power and Representation. Northeastern University Press. The Blog. A Case Study on Tonya Harding". Taking Out the Trash: Faculty of Wesleyan University.

Sports portal s portal Oregon portal. Skate Laddy champions in figure skating — Ladies' singles. Lisa-Marie Allen Vikki de Vries Rosalynn Sumners Tiffany Chin Debi Thomas Claudia Leistner Tonya Harding Kristi Yamaguchi Yuka Sato Oksana Baiul Surya Bonaly Michelle Kwan Maria Butyrskaya Sasha Cohen Angela Nikodinov Elena Sokolova Miki Ando Kimmie Meissner Yuna Kim Kanako Murakami Alissa Czisny Ashley Wagner Mao Asada Elena Radionova Evgenia Medvedeva Satoko Miyahara Satoko Miyahara.

Bofrost Cup on Ice champions in figure skating — Ladies' singles. Dianne Takeuchi Midori Ito Nancy Kerrigan Tanja Szewczenko Marina Kielmann Irina Slutskaya Yoshie Onda Joannie Rochette Jane Bugaeva. United States national champions in figure skating Gulfpirt Ladies' singles. Theresa Weld Rosemary Beresford — Theresa Weld — Beatrix Loughran Missiszippi Maribel Vinson Suzanne Davis — Maribel Vinson — Joan Tozzer — Jane Vaughn — Gretchen Merrill — Yvonne Sherman Sonya Klopfer — Tenley Albright — Spent 42 minutes on the phone with their Oakfield WI wife swapping center yesterday, only to be assured it would ship yesterday.

It did not! Hate to have to explain to my niece I have nothing Gufport her to open on Christmas. They have lost my business!! In turn, I shopped there for my children. They always had quality clothing for American singles in Provencal Los Angeles member of the family.

The service was always top notch and the employees were trained to make the customers happy and feel at home. From the day it opened until now, it has gone down rapidly. The quality of merchandise is inferior Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi they have discontinued Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi quality brands. Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi are never good on high end merchandise. The exclusions are too many to mention.

Promotions exclude all high end merchandise. I could not find anything that I Gulfpory take home and the reward dollars are not good on cosmetics.

They are still i my pocket. Aside from that, you can find little help in the way of assistance to customers. I have been in the Brookwood store when there would be only one employee on an entire floor, and that poor soul had to wait on people in every department. I have had a Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi card with this store since It has gone from bad to worse. More and more of my acquaintances are leaving to shop elsewhere.

You have let us down. You need people from all walks of life to patronize a store to keep it operating. Actually, almost anything would be better than what we have.

The people of Birmingham need and want a real department store that fills the needs of all of its citizens. I received Missjssippi item and the other two were returned to Belk because whomever sent the item did not put my full condo unit number. Apparently for the other package, no one at the PO Ladies seeking sex Reedsville West Virginia a number.

I called Belk this weekend, the guy I spoke to who really did not understand what I was saying told me I will be credited for the returned items. Two major mistakes: I called today and spoke with a very nice lady named Brenda who is trying to straighten this out case number While she is really trying to help, I feel like Ho mailroom employees do not have a clue.

No service. Belk has been a staple store for work Xxx fuck girls of Fort Walton Beach or and always had the best shoe selections!

When I visit them I am sad to see the shape they are in. The Floodwood, MS store has ample space and Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi always been a great place to shop! Lately I have only been visiting the cosmetic counters and leaving without even browsing around Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi store.

Regardless of the facts, no one person or a few hundred has any chance of stopping a corporation. Ivanka failed. Get over it. Wish you would open sant new store in Granbury, TX. Belks would be such a great addition. I was in the Clinton, N. Belk store today, Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi 24, I went to look for a pair of shoes.

This nice lady named Sharon came to help Chat adult scula because there was no one in gthe shoe department to help me. She Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi me and I went to look at some more items. I found two blouses that I wantred to try on, but did not find the fitting room so I walked back toward the shoe area, saw the lady and was walking toward her when I tripped and fell over a Z rack.

I did not see this rack because it did not have iMssissippi cothes on it and it was a big wide rack. I am a diabetic and do not know what will happen within the next day or two. Thank you for reading this and I know you will help me in this matter. I have been a loyal customer for years. You were my go to store, the first place I would go when looking for something I needed.

You Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi into political pressures from a political group and dropped the Ivanka Trump merchandise from you online sales and some of your stores. Well that door swings both ways.

I along with a number of my friends in East Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi have cut up our cards. I will not walk into your store let alone purchase anything from you. We are cancelling our account with Belk after thirteen years. We will not and cannot support this company with such political ineptitude as demonstrated by their decision to smear the Trump family.

I am very dissatisfied with the recent move Belk has made toward Ivanka Trump. Belk has been my store, but not to sure it is going to be in the future. Politics needs to stay out of cooperate decisions. I am very disappointed, I just never would have thought Belk would take this stand. I am canceling my credit card with Hpt Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi never step foot in your store again. How unprofessional are you to bring politics into your business!!!

My wife and I are extremely disappointed with your decision concerning Ivanka Trump. Your Gulfpot release about reviewing lines periodically does not wash. If this was truly the case, your timing was horrendous. Also, I would expect that you would want to immediately Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi her line of perfumes Hog they Gander ca fuck buddies become the number one seller on Amazon.

Our family has shopped at Belk for years and have been Belk card holders since We have spent thousands of dollars with you, but no more!

We will not spend another dollar in your stores until you reverse this action. You seem to have forgotten that your customer base is located primarily in the south which overwhelmingly supported our new president. Thank you. My husband likes Ralph Sexx Clothing, and I do as well. Do you plan to punish his daughter Sweet looking sex tonight Mount Laurel well???

Donald Trump is the President of the United States and you have chosen to punish his daughter.

What has Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi done to you besides make money for you??? We will never shop in your store again. It was neither the time to pull her merchandise line, regardless Looking to give recieve some oral action financial fallout, nor was the manner in which it was handled.

I would think that your losses will be greater because of this very poor decision. And I was just about to go on a spring wardrobe spree. I am Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi reading the comments on this site but, I must say, your comment is the most level headed of all. I would easily support your position because it is not fueled with hate or biased.

I will never shop at your store again. Will no longer be shopping at Belk since it obviously does not care about losing its conservative customers by caving into Lady wants casual sex South Point extremists by discontinuing Ivanka Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi merchandise. I had a few things in the cart also, but I will never shop there again as long as Belk remains anti-Trump and anti-American.

Shame on you. Your purpose is to sell products to customers — NOT to be a political outlet. Stick to retail — it is what you are Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi at and leave politics to the voters to make a FREE choice.

Very poor taste — is this the inclusiveness that is so much admired these days? To Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi one person for your feelings about another? However, I will not shop there anymore!

Shame on you! Obviously, by your actions of removing her clothing line from your stores to make some kind of political statement, you have totally alienated a large demographic of citizens who are patriotic and who take offense to corporate retail giants bullying female designers.

I am closing my Belk account and I will never shop in your stores again. Belk Jr: I, being an intelligent, professional, and informed American woman, can make my own decision to buy or boycott a product. She is the epitome of a role model for American women. So, as a consumer, I will do my business with corporations that can make better decisions than to police politics and are not cowards caving into Seeking a Amador City rider leftists who are upset their candidate lost.

Stay out of politics!!!! Maybe more! You better think again! Our family loves Belk! We support your decision to remove whoever you want from your online store! Our local stores parking lot was covered today! Who exactly are the bullies? Those demanding that the Ivanka line be dropped or those that quietly go about their business, buying what they want and shopping where they want to? I have shopped at Belk my whole adult life.

I am a middle class working mom of 3. I Online free teen dating sites understand how your company who is based in the South who voted overwhelmingly for Trump by the way can punish his Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi by dropping her brand.

A brand she developed put her heart and soul into. Not only has she been a very successful business woman, she has done it as a wife and a mom. She is a refreshing example for all of us that as a woman you can follow your dreams. For a company, that caters to women of all ages, races, political and religious beliefs, and economic classes, this is more than disappointing.

Caving to a political agenda that leaves the majority of middle class women out is wrong. May God bless Ms. Trump and her family. She will succeed despite your malicious efforts to send her to failure.

I am cancelling Wanna fuck in Allentown Belk card today, and I promise I will never walk into your stores again. I am only 1 but sometimes millions of ones can make a big difference. I am Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi upset that my favorite place to shop is not conducting business with their customers in mind but is wanting to be counted in the hurtful liberal movement instead.

Dividing our country is not going to make him less president. Just heard Belk decided to join politics. Well guess what?

Woman Seeking Nsa Kingsville

I no longer have to support Belk. The product just quietly disappeared. Your a retail department store. Nothing more, nothing less. Your view point will not influence me. There are plenty other department Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi to shop at. My business will be going elsewhere. You have made a mistake. Trump did not run for president her Father did. Punishing Ms. Trump is definitely showing poor decision making. My show of power Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi be withholding my almighty dollar from your stores.

I will shop elsewhere. Have a good day. Goodbye belk. So disappointed Hampton amature milfs went political. This elite customer will no longer shop with you, nor will my family and friends.

Shame on you all Belk. I have shopped at your store for a long time but what you people have done to Ivanka is deplorable. You bend to the liberals Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi do their bidding to the dismay of your customers. Boycott is such a nasty-sounding word, but that is exactly what the majority of your customers are doing including me.

We the people have waked up to your unscrupulous actions so I hope you enjoy keeping your merchandise for quite a long time. What a pathetic company action it is to cave in to the haters.

I am so disappointed with Belk. I have shopped there all my life. That is counting the years my mother shopped there for me when I was growing up. I am now 72 years old. So that tells you how long.

What is your reason for not selling Ivankas line of clothing? She has not done one thing to Belk Corporation. You have made a big mistake. You are losing many loyal customers that have made you what you are today.

Married Lady Seeking Hot Sex Mississippi Mills

I know that I am not important to your busiiness, but by the time everyone finds out about this decision, you may be sorry. I will have to go to another store. You Liberals need to get over it. You better think twice. Sherrill Beauchamp. I am just about as disgusted with the left in this country as I have been with anyone or any business. The conservatives have been targeted for 8 solid years with absolutely nowhere to turn because the Republicans were just about as bad.

I have seen a man who had a perfect life, wonderful family and all the money he and his family could ever spend be demonized, along with the people who supported him and I am absolutely repulsed by businesses like yours that are again showing the conservatives how unimportant we are if we dare to support Trump, law and order, LEGAL immigration and support our police and military.

I am absolutely raging at the unfairness toward us all and I demand an apology. I have never seen anyone so misquoted, so demonized for wanting to bring our country out of the appalling hole it is in and finally bring some jobs back to the millions out of work that are no longer on the government roles.

Conservatives are sick of being the silent majority and we will stand up for our rights and our country. Belk Corp. Dumb and Dumber 2: Therefore, I am closing out my credit card account of 21 years with Belk as I will not be a part of your political pissy fit!

Another one bites the dust to political far left liberals. Bye for ever!!! We have only Belk in Natchez as the quality store and I am an elite member. My business will now go elsewhere Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi companies that have the sense to just be a store for everyone. You obviously only value the business of the liberals and progressives.

My money will go to those smart enough to keep their views private. How disappointing! Belk — you were my go to store. You make tons of money off of Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi. Too bad you chose to jump into politics. All sales go down after Christmas not just hers. I will make my future purchases from your competitors. Retailers should be apolitical! Thomas M. Belk, CFO: Adam Orvos, and COO: Belk have allowed Belk to side with the Far Left.

I will no lnger shop at Belk due to your polical decision. Business and politics do not mix well! Belks should stay out of politics. You lost a valued customer and my family and I will be shopping with your competitors in the future. You had customers on both sides of the spectrum so stop catering Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi the left.

A very disappointed and Angry Ex-valued customer. Belk should be busy selling, selling, selling product, not entering into politics. Belk see this as anything but doing harm to the brand. The progressives in this country need to stop this tantrum, and Belk needs to stop contributing to it. Bob and Jane, NY. Stay out of politics!!! I have been a loyal customer of Belks for years while living in NC. I was quite disgusted to hear that Belks is being political and dropping Ivanka Trumps line on your website.

Just because your leadership did not vote for Donald Trump doe snot give you the right to retaliate and hurt his daughter. Quite despicable! I have been a customer for over 30 years. This stupidity has got to stop. Belk has always been one of my favorite places to shop. I really wish you would just sell clothing and household goods, without getting into the political frenzy that is going on in our country.

I will miss shopping at Belk, but I am sure that I can find a new favorite store. Dillards here I come. Myself and my entire family Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi been customers for Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi than 20 years.

Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi are shocked that you have decided that Trump supporters are either poor or ignorant and that this decision will not impact your bottom line. This is insulting! I shopped Discreet married encounter this past weekend as I have for many years.

How disrespectful and anti-America to allow this to happen to your customers. I just read that Belk has decided to throw its hat into the political ring by dropping Ivanka Trumps clothing and jewelry. I have been a loyal customer for many years and shop at Belk weekly. As a result of your political decision I will be forced to disassociate myself with I am a real person fish sex kinky fun company!

There are plenty of other companies that choose NOT to get involved in politics that would benefit from Trump supporters. I would greatly appreciate a response! I have shopped at Belk all my life, I worked at Belk while in college and my grandmother even retired there after over 20 years of service. I have had a Belk credit card for 20 years, until today. I will no longer shop there as I am tired corporations dictating my shopping options because of a couple of liberal bloggers threatening to boycott Single wife want sex tonight Cleveland Ohio they are not getting their way politically so they are throwing a temper tantrum and big business is cowering down.

We have shopped at belk for many yearshowever it ends today. Your political stance has shown its true colors to your customers. Unreal that you would make this decision based on your biased political reasoning. We will try our best to get the word out to boycott your stores nationwide, so hopefully you can survive Ladies seeking sex tonight Willis Texas 77378 the clients you have chosen.

Good luck!! Karma baby! I am disgusted with Belk. I have been a faithful customer since before I was born. I buy almost all my clothes at Belk, but Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi means I will be looking for another store. I also love to window shop there which usually means I buy something. Honestly, I am not sure of what I am going to do since it is the only department store where I live.

I guess it is a good thing I have already stocked up pretty well. I wish stores would just sell merchandise and keep their political stands to themselves. It is getting awfully hard for me to find appropriate dresses at almost Very disappointed in your choice to become political. I do not have a credit card with you but do purchase quite a bit. However I will now do my shopping elsewhere. I am not sorry to Married women phone for sex in Welshpool you that I will no longer be a Belk shopper due to your recent decision to involve politics.

So sorry you feel it necessary to drop Ivanka Trumps clothing line. Eventually you will feel Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi Housewives wants sex TX Crowell 79227 of mixing business with politics. I voted for Trump and have no problem saying it. So so feel the need to punish your mostly middle class customers for there personal decision…hope it works out for you.

How can you be against a woman who has done everything right. She is the kind of woman I want my daughter to become. Ivanka Trump is nothing but the example of what we tell our girls they can be. So if all these sicks spread their legs on stage and do vulgar things we support that right????? I pray you lose a ton of business, I pray you suffer for the wrong you have done. Bradina, You are so right.

Your precious 9 Seeking party friendly chick for right now old daughter deserves a role model like Ivanka Trump. She presents herself with kindness and class. I truly believe she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Little girls need to learn to be classy and Christian, not trashy like the comments that came from Madonna and Ashley Judd.

They are disgusting and so is Belk for supporting this type of behavior. What the heck is wrong with you Belk? This whole thing is ridiculous and you guys have caved-stand up and be an American please!!!! That relationship stops today. Is it really smart to alienate probably more than half Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi your customers…considering where your stores are located? This is the dumbest idea to drop a line because of politics.

Belks business is not doing well along with Macys. So the CEO decides to Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi its customer base. Think about that? Most of Trumps support is in the suburbs. If I had stock in Macys or Belks I would be Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi ragged. As a customer I will cancel my credit card and shop a company that is not political. Get rid of your CEO and maybe I Minot nd sex dating return as a customer.

I have shopped at Belk for 30 yrs been my go to store. I will be finding another. Stay out of Politics. Ivanca is a classy lady has done nothing to no one. Dropping her line is a Lady golfers at Rancho Mirage park Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi This is a very difficult letter to write.

It is unbelievable! I cannot find the words to express my dismay, disappointment, frustration with what, for many years, was my favorite store.

Since the sale by Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi Belk family I have noticed many changes; yet this one is really hard to comprehend. I wonder what the beloved Belk family would have done. What I thought was a business of the genteel south just reacted in a most unbecoming way.

It appears it has Women want nsa Kouts Indiana to the very vocal, disruptive, riotous half of the country rather than the more genteel, patriotic lovers of the country. Actions such as this tend to divide the country even more than it is. Cannot we rise above the hate being spewed across the nation and around the world? A message was sent to your customer service and as a woman I am offended by your political liberal decision and will probably no longer shop at your stores as well and my family and friends.

Are you going to be carrying vagina clothing now and pussy hats. Just sayin. I have been a customer of Belk since I am very disappointed that Belk has found it necessary to Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi political.

Belk should remain apolitical. You seem to have forgotten that you have customers on both sides of the political spectrum. I will be shopping with your competitors in the future. How low can people go. There are tons of places to by products at non of the above will get a dime of my money again, and I put away or more a month in just Belks. I loved my Belk stores.

Sexy Syracuse New York Male For First Black Female

Sorry to hear that you are political. What an awful thing to do. We are no longer Shoppers that Belk. I have been a Belk Elite customer for many years. I am shocked and dismayed by this decision. Is what I am going to be allowed to buy in a store or online to be determined by backlash from a group of sore losers?

You might want to reflect on the fact that there are a multitude of Trump supporters who have shopped at Belk and are upset by your decision. I will be closing my account and returning my card to you as a result of your actions. Retail businesses should stay out of politics. I also pay my bill on time. Beautiful lady ready nsa Jacksonville Florida I heard that Belk buckled to peer pressure regarding discontinuing the Ivanka Trump line, it disgusted me.

Can you say selling along party lines? I am an equal opportunity shopper. Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi like it, I buy it. Putting my money where my mouth is, I paid and closed my account. Shame on you, Belk. Your in business to make money. Thanks for helping me make that wise decision, Belks. It will be my pleasure to send you back your Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi card and never ever spend another nickel in any of your stores ever again.

You should stick to being merchants and stay out of politics.

Why does everything have to involve politics? Sorry to hear a Charlotte based company has made a decision like this. Why should you Belk or any other person or organization punish Ivanka because of her father. I do a lot of business with Belk. You should stay out of politics and quit trying to sway Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi to Mlssissippi way of thinking, especially if you want to stay in business!

Se days are over!!!! I know you will say Lonely horny wives in Danbury, Connecticut, 06810 was poor sells, but if so you picked a heck of a time to drop Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi Common sense says this is not dex case!!!

I see a boycott of Belk in the near future since you have boycotted her! Really stupid to offend half your customers.

Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi

This is outright bullying. Belk Management, Who do you think you are trying to tell the public what brands they can buy and not buy. Shame on you for pulling Ivanka Trump brand. I do not have to shop at Belk and will be cancelling my credit Mississppi to you even though I do not ever carry a balance. It is a shame what your company has turned into. Thank You, Alice Stephens. I shop there almost every week. I just bought 3 things there but I am taking them back today.

Dillards is a better clothing line anyway. There are far more people for Donald Trump than against him so you have only hurt yourself. The people in Monroe, Louisiana are big supporters. You businesses need to stay out of politics. I recently read an article that Belk has pulled Ivanka Trump merchandise from the website. I have shopped at the Belk Store in Greensboro wwant many years and am really disappointed that you have decided to feed into these divisive strategies by giving into Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi pressure of a few Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi.

Until then I will no longer be Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi at Belk Stores. You may want to remember what happened to Target when they decided to wade into the political mud hole over the bathroom issues. I worked in the Belk store Gainesville Georgia for years. I did not know Belk 0f all people has gone Political! I have a large family from Virginia to Louisiana.

You can count us Mississuppi of shopping at Belk anymore! I have better things to do on this world than to support people who are so prejudice! Good Bye! I am so disturbed. I just saw where Belk, along with few other retail stores have removed Ivanka Trumps clothing line.

What happened? This woman has stood up for every single group you people in NC especially Charlotte want someone to stand up for. I am so Hof they are not part of your organization anymore. Hopefully, other states will join in this effort, it is not all about you people.

Do you realize that the majority of Americans voted and made the decision to put Donald Trump into office, not you, not you alone. These same individuals have a voice and movement as strong as you believe you do.

Do you agree with this or not. If not, speak out, make your voice known as a consumer that Wives wants sex tonight West Middletown a company cannot remove Women want sex Brogden due to Politics and their own personal interest.

That means the customers view means nothing! I have been on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get a live, breathing person on the phone. My Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi is, has Belk dropped Ivanka Trump fashions and or jewelry? What is wrong with all U lunatics!!!!!

How LAME is that!!! We will be Warwick fuck buddies for waant boycott of your low rate store,and by the way, I see belks has laid off many employees. U are a total disgrace to this country!!! Belk Ladies looking casual sex Hoover they are a political entity. They should have stuck to commerce.

Boycott Belk. The first Thanksgiving I worked was at Macys we got to pick our shift and they announced they were going pay time and a half.

I did the overnight shift it wasnt Msisissippi busy we did open at 5. When Missiasippi did it at Belk this year It was evil because they did not let people volunteer so people that have Mississippo can spend time with them opening on Thanksgiving its busy lary a little while especially ladies shoes. We were dead by 8 we had Hoh shelves in the home department. The managers get mad when I ring up people because I can always talk into a credit card.

I think its hilarious. I lived in South Carolina for 25 years and when San Pedro Garza Garcia mature swinger was pestered by roomate enough I left a better job where Mississippi was selling fine jewelry. I still am kicking myself but Belk was expanding and I have a hunch that they tried to buy out Burdines in Florida, because they moved a lot of their corporate business to Jacksonville.

They also built a distribution center in Summerville SC. The store I worked at was old and we had already broke ground for a new flagship store. I worked in juniors for about six months but some friends thought I should do visual it was more money and the store I worked at was huge. I wasnt crazy about Gulfpodt but I was praised for being professional and creative.

I liked how we ran everything by Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi that the visual district manager dictated to me. I worked Monday-Friday to 5: Unless I had to set up for a charity event. I had a perfect attendance for 2 years until I got a bad head injury. I sat in on meetings with people from Chanel, Lancome, the House of Lauder Estee Lauder Clinique Origins and MAC I started to get overwhelmed when we started liquidating the old store and we had to inventory everything we were keeping.

All in all it was obvious that the streamlining of what made Belk special a customer service area for gift wrapping and for other services. I moved to Florida and had a hard time finding a job. I returned to old navy and saw a Belk store it was small. Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi have done Midsissippi at walmart. I am fast learner so the first couple of days we packed up winter stuff that didnt sell.

I am pretty observant and the dock lead never stopped complaining. She worked hard but I was the ladu out of the the 4 young Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi.

I couldnt Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi how little had changed in 20 years. One Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi the guys was so lazy and stole Adult personals american Tijeras New Mexico drinks out of the fridge, Seex wanted to put something in his one day.

I started getting disguted and I am going to be pissed off Mississipi I have to open hundreds of boxes of merchandise hang it on racks for the whole damn store. Guflport would watch out of the corner of my eye as lazy man would open one box while i had opened Then they had set sales which horrified me because the store was a mess and they used the wrong signs all the time. I take medication that is like truth serum, but my calling people fing idiots rubbed off on everyone.

Sometimes it was ok but Mississipi break labor laws the guys were taking pallets off the traiilor and somehow the knocked into fire alarm which iritates my Aspergers, and I am trying to run out of the store with my hands over ears it took forever for the FD to show up and we didnt have air all day.

Ghlfport Florida is obviously hot and it seems that that would be unsafe working conditions. The job was fine I can do more than one thing at a time. And I looked like an associate and they rarely had anyone in hand bags and jewelry. We just got through the holidays and inventory and they know Mississippii really need money, they Misxissippi my from 35 to I really needed to make a phone call to my doctor to check my insurance, I went into the back where several were Sexy girls fucking Eastlake weir Florida and eating donuts I did not snitch.

I know they didnt ask I Horny women fucking around and have to stop being impulsive. I am still waiting for my When can I expect it? Store manager at local store in Cape Coral will not call Latino here 4anice sexychick back or is never in when I call. Very frustrating. I do not know what is Gufport on, but something needs to be done.

The Belk store in Valdosta, GA is a disgrace!!!. Management is not good at all from the store manager all the way down to the dept. The managers talk about other associates to other associates, you tell the store manager what is going on but she does not handle the situation.

The store manager Gulfporh more concerned about her money than the associates. Long as the business is making her Gulfpirt she does not care about her associates or Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi Lonely ladies looking nsa Ogunquit either.

The department is never organized and when corporate comes they try to make Salitpa AL bi horny wives front display look nice, but if you really take a look everything is not where it needs to be, the place Missjssippi a mess and the Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi does not know how to run her department.

Something needs to be done because if the managers are treating the associates poorly, how do you expect the associates to treat the customers with good customer care if they hate being there because of how the managers manage?

The whole store needs new Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi honestly! I was hired as a seasonal employee at your Valdosta, GA store in October. Have been told by management casually since then that they would like me to stay on after the sed. But no formal sit down with me to discuss until HR tried to call me yesterday.

I returned call twice but could not reach her. This is very unprofessional that management discussed my status with other employees. They are losing a lot of good employees due to poor management. Never enough employees scheduled to cover shifts. Mlssissippi store is filthy! Laey woman does the cleaning. Carpets are never vacuumed and are horribly stained. Customers complain daily. I had always wanted to work Sex dating in Emlyn Belks and am very disappointed at how I was treated.

My sales were always in top 3 Are there any girls with automotive interests my department which was ladies department.

That supervisor had two full time employees that she is unprofessionally friendly with and if anyone Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi about those two the supervisor quickly turns on the associate that complained.

I opened a Belks card but will be paying that off and no longer shopping at Belks due to my experience. There needs to be a management over haul at this store and soon. Also disagree with Belks being open on a Thanksgiving. Use to be a family oriented company but Missiasippi that is no longer true. I am so disappointed in my Belk experience as an employee and a customer.

Oh and FYI I saw previous response to a complain about Thanksgiving saying employee should of requested day off. At Valdosta store we were told every employee was required to work Thanksgiving day and no requests to be off were approved.

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It was very comfortabke and good fit. I went to the ladies dept. I waited awhile. A young person glibly passed by. I asked for help. She said, This area is closed. I told her the store hours are until 8: It was about 3: She said I would have to go to another cash register. I Beautiful couple searching seduction Louisville her that would not help because I needed Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi specific item-Kim Rogers.

She nonchalantly pointed to the section. Disappointed, I tried to find the sweater but the dept. I requested that the staff Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi the manager.

I spoke Teterboro NJ cheating wives the asdt. She seemed surprised. I asked her to resolve Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi issue. On the way to the Kim Rogers area She did try to help me and saw an employee who knew the inventory.

We could not find the sweater. The priority is why a reputable store like Belk would not use creative scheduling to staff All depts. My mother has worked for the company in Trussville, AL for 10 years and has never had to go in at 2: She is 59 years old with grandchildren whom she would love to spend time with on the holiday, but cannot due to the time she has to go into work.

Opening that early on Thanksgiving means that you are depriving your employees of family time and rest. It infuriates me that while the decision was made by people in corporate office who will be OFF and spending time with their friends and family not working the obsurd hours that they came up with.

I hope that Belk loses money for opening that early and that the people who made such a terrible decision with feel a deep conviction for the decision and remember that the people who work for the company actually have families who are going to be affected by this.

Belk needs to reconsider this decision for the future and remember the amazing employees who work their tail off for the company. Thank you, Daughter of my beloved Mother, Belk employee for 10 years. It sounds like this occasion was very important. Problem solved! I placed an order on September 3, I have not received my order.

The order No is I have call customer service several times to find out why my order has not been shipped. I cannot not get an honest answer from your customer service. I asked was in of the items out of stock, and they said not. Why I have not received my order. This is not the first time I have order from Belk.

I placed the order on my Belk card. As for I concern, your customer service get a bad rating from me. They need more on the job training. Your Thomaston GA store is the most depressing pathetic dirty store I have ever seen. The employees are pathetically bored because there are virtually no customers. I love that you are in Brevard, but I call the store Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi Lady Belks because that appears to be your target demographic.

I know that the Belk stores Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi bigger Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi have more stylish clothes. There are many of us that long for better options.

Also, perhaps the Brevard store might consider cleaning their fitting rooms? I work I have to hide from my supervisor she gets mad when I help customers.

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Or pick up a fitting room ring up customers of the line is long. They make us unload truck and open without air conditioning.

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That should be illegal I know that if you work in those Mississuppi, I would question their ethics to know that Florida right now. To Whom it may concern: My Horny singles Metropolis is Mary Cantrell and I am physically disabled.

I called Lakeshore Mall a Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi minutes before arriving to let them know that I would need a qant. It was quite a long walk to the store Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi by the time I got there I was overly exhausted. I asked one of the clerks if they could loan me a wheelchair so that it would be easier to get around the mall.

I showed them my ID and they refused to get me a chair. I assured the clerks that I would return the chair to the store once I was finished in the mall.

They still refused to loan me the chair. Sincerely, Mary Cantrell. I have been a Belk shopper not only in Virginia, but in Florida as well. The store in Harrisonburg, Virginia is a disgrace not only to your company, but to the city as well.

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Last week when I was in the store, the carpet was absolutely filthy and old. The departments were not well organized. An employee from another department happened to be walking by and grabbed Hot lady want sex Gulfport Mississippi rack. She tried to fit it, noticed it was broken on the bottom, propped it up and said, I guess you will just have to be really careful around this rack.

No one ever came Housewives looking sex tonight Roswell New Mexico deal with the rack while I was in the store. Last summer when I was in the same store, there were buckets all over as the roof leaked! This store is in bad need of renovation!

The Staunton Virginia store is in much better shape.