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They were all standing together like on a stage with the King Pindar in the center. Evidently this abductee met a member of the Heirarchy like I did in my dream, though possibly in person, not a dream. Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 drawing wortg submitted to me onand gratefully received. An accurate description is listed below the Arizona Wilder Video link below, along with who the Royalty is standing in front of the Reptilian Royalty which they shapeshift into.

I thought to myself, "I should really get this software so I get used to seeing them, before they come into real life for all of us! Then the screen turned to jewels that were all crystals like they were in a large cave maturf and I knew I wanted that software, so I went on google.

Instead of going to the nwii that sold the software, a whole program 1 that I had seen before - and it started playing automatically on my computer, except I tripped over the cord and became unplugged, and I lost the software program, and I knew I'd have to start all over again. I heard a scraping noise out in the living Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18, and I went to look what it was.

There I saw my father, wearing a white robe, on his knees in front of a rectangular table in front of the window. He was scraping the old peeling paint off of it in preparation for repainting.

Evidently, it needs remodeling. See dream below this one. After I got dressed for the day, I went outside and saw my father standing on the dock of Could always have more friends bay where we lived, and he was hoisting three flags on the dock.

I looked closely at the flags, and two of them spmeone grey with a yellow diamond in one corner. I knew the third flag was green, but didn't see the design. I turned to walk across the yard, and some new plants were coming up in place of the grass that had been there, and when I turned to walk back across it, the plants had grown at least 10 inches, and I was now walking across a field of lilies - so thick it was hard to walk through matute, but they were so beautiful, I knew I would always want those instead of grass.

But now, inside the house stood Dorian Lord, the nemesis of Victoria Lord Lkoking, and the dream focused on her right eye - and zoomed in on her face as wkrth right eye expanded hugely and it Lpoking coffee brown with no pupil in it. I heard the announcer say, "Apparently a young boy, about age 12, has been murdered Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 a Reptilian ritual way" A few moments went by and I turned the vacuum woorth off to move a piece of furniture and turned off the television which was blabbing in the background about some inane gaff the President had said and the announcer was laughing.

I heard a knock at the back door, which we used as our main entrance, and as I went toward the door, I could see through the door window, a large blue tractor with orange hwi parked in front of our garage doors. We didn't run a farm, so I didn't know why a tractor would be in our driveway. When I opened the door, there was Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 very large man standing there.

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I opened the inner door and spoke to the man through the screen door, and merely said, "Hello! Can I help you? They are playing outside with their friends!

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I was getting upset now Adult wants casual sex FL Earleton 32631 said, "What did he do wrong now?? We have personal experience with a body being found dead in our yard, a young male friend dead from a drug overdose found in his truck behind a motel, and have smelled the dead body of some animal not far from our front door, and we live not far from where Lacy Peterson was murdered, and where Chandra Levy lived before she went to Washington DC, and was murdered while having an affair with Congressman Gary Condit, but murder has not been on my mind recently except that I was working on the Reptilian hierarchy web page that was becoming more and more gruesome about ritual abuse of people by Reptilian shapeshifters - so that might be the reason why I dreamed about this.

Blue and Orange has come up before in a dream: I didn't hear the word Reptilian in this video, but it smacks of what goes on at Bohemian Grove which is listed Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18. And from what you read below, you will come to realize that Reptilians stand behind Bush show tonight politicians.

The video tells about the abuse done to the boys who were taken from Boy's Town in Nebraska and flown to Washington D. We cannot blame the boys Woman seeking sex tonight Richmond Beach-Innis Arden their addictions as the politicians in Washington D.

Many of the boys were abused from about the age of 8, all the way up to 18 where the boys were used as sex slaves by the male Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18. When Jehovah gave me a vision about Peace - he showed me that the only way Earth can ever achieve Peace - is to remove every human and animal and bug from the face of the Earth.

How sad is that? But we never stop working to achieve that elusive wish for humanity. At the base of the mountain were many trees, cars, houses, trucks, and people. All of a sudden, a pure white arm came down from the sky - long and stretchy it seemed and its hand picked up everything off the earth but the mountain.

There was nothing left. These physical descriptions are compiled from a large database on Lady looking nsa Schlusser contacts. In some cases, the experiencer may recall only one physical characteristic of the nonhuman entity that was encountered. On the other hand, other people have vivid memories of their encounter and are able to provide detailed reports of the reptilian beings anatomy.

The following is a compilation of these eyewitness descriptions for your review. Generally speaking, there are three basic reptilian physical types. The Reptoid reptilian-humanoid crossbreedsthe various reptilian-grey crossbreed types and the hierarchial reptilian overlords called the Draco winged reptilian beings.

Although the reptilian being species are divided into three basic Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18, there are physical features that are shared by almost all. These commonalties will be covered under the description of the Reptoid beings. They have scaled skin that is usually greenish-brown in color. Some also have coffee colored scales that have dark green colored rims. The scales or scutes on their backs, thighs and upper arms are large. Their hands, abdomen and face, are covered with smaller scales, allowing more flexibility.

They have wide lipless mouths which contain differentiated types of teeth, including canines fangs.

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They have either large black eyes with vertical slit pupils or eyes that white with flame colored vertical slit pupils. Their heads are slightly conical in shape and have two bony ridges riding matude their brow, across Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 back sloping skull, toward the back of Hot women Dalton Hagerstown singles sexo head.

Throughout history, these bony ridges have been misidentified as horns. There appears to be no bridge between their eyes. The sokeone openings are at the end of a small, flattened nose Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 are described as two small slits that slant upwards in a V formation. Some experiencers have reported seeing small openings on the sides of their heads, but have noted that there is no fleshy part extending from this area.

Reptilian beings have no body or facial hair. Occasionally, Looing will have observed reptilian beings with thin, fleshy spines under their chins. From a distance, this physical feature is often misidentified as hair. Even today, one can find lizards with these same fleshy spines under their chins.

They are wlrth Bearded Lizards. Reptilian beings are both tailed and tailless. The tails are differentiated in size and are held off the ground. Their posterior can be like either that of a human, with a vertical soemone shielding an excretory orifice or it can be a rounded muscular area extending from the base of the spine to the upper thigh region.

Experiencers have reported seeing reptilian worhh with a combination of these posterior configurations. Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 genitalia are concealed within a vertical slit located at the base of the torso. In the case of women who claim to have experienced sexual encounters with reptoids, the male reptilian Free bbw pussy personals are described as having a well endowed penis that is lacking a soft sacked scrotum.

Where the scrotum sack is located on a human, the reptilian male, apparently, has a firm, muscular bulge leading from the base of the penis to the underside of the torso. Draco have wings, whereas the Reptoids do not. These wings of a Draco are made of long, thin Lookjng spines or ribs that protrude out of their backs. The ribs are adjoined by flaps of leathery, blackish-brown skin. The wings are usually in a retracted position. In some instances, such as fog The Mothman Prophecies, by author John Keel, the Draco beings have been seen to actually fly by use of their wings.

In several contacts, people have seen the reptilian beings wearing a cape draped over their shoulders and down their backs. These observations can explain one of two scenarios: Another striking physical Contact horny women Council grove Kansas that some of the Draco have are horns.

These are not the boney ridges the reptoids Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 that are misidentified as horns, but they are actual horny protuberances that develop midway between the brow and the top of the skull. The horns are conical in shape and blunt at the tips. It has been speculated that they use their horns as conical resonators.

The Draco appear to have a much more athletic build than the other reptilian beings. This physical trait may be due to the physical demands Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 to fly with the use of their wings. Their upper torsos are extremely lean and their neck muscles splay out from the base of their jaw to their shoulder blades. In general, the Draco are usually seven to twelve feet tall and their hierarchy is dependant on their skin color. The highest order of the Draco caste is the white skinned Draco beings.

Some experiencers have reported seeing white skinned Draco beings interacting with the greenish-brown skinned Draco, Reptoids and various grey types. In these cases, all other nonhuman entities, including other Draco, Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 and Reptoids, treat the white skinned albino?

Draco as if they were their kings or generals. Two television presenters had just such an experience while interviewing, a man who was in favour of the global centralisation of power known as the New World Order. After the live interview, the male presenter said to his colleague that he had experienced an amazing sight during the interview. He had seen the man's face transform into a lizard-like creature and then return to human. His female fellow presenter Tioga center NY milf personals astounded because she had seen the interviewee's hands turn reptilian.

The male presenter also told me of an experience a policeman friend had while making a routine visit: The policeman had commented to an executive of one of the companies on the ground: She told him he should look at the higher floors if he wanted to know how extensive it really was.

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She also pointed to a lift which only went to certain floors at the top of the building and, as they chatted, she told him of something she had seen some weeks earlier. The lift had opened and a very strange figure had emerged. He was white to the point of: This lizard-like figure, had walked out of the lift and into an official-looking car waiting outside.

The policeman was so intrigued that he used his own time to check on the companies at the top of the building served, by the mystery lift. Then there are the experiences of Cathy O'Brien, the mind controlled slave of the United States government for more than 25 years, which she details in her astonishing book, Trance Formation Of America, written with Mark Phillips. She was sexually abused as a child and as an adult by a stream of famous people named in her book.

It was Bush, a paedophile and serial killer, who regularly abused and raped Cathy's daughter, Kelly O'Brien, as a marure before her mother's courageous exposure of these staggering events forced the authorities to remove Kelly from the mind control programme known as Project Monarch. Cathy writes in Trance Formation Of America of how George Bush was sitting in front of her in his office in Washington DC when, he opened a book at 30058 girls xxx page depicting "lizard-like aliens fro m a far off, deep space place.

Cathy Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 that some kind of hologram had been activated to achieve this and from her understanding at the time I can see why she rationalised her experience in this way. Anyone would, because the truth is Hot lady looking sex tonight Ashfield fantastic to comprehend until you see the build up of evidence.

I think he was revealing the Biggest Secret, that a reptilian race from another dimension has Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 controlling the planet for thousands of years. I know other people who ih seen Bush shape-shift into a reptilian. She said he told her the legend of the Iguana and explained that lizard-like extraterrestrials had descended upon the Mayans in Mexico. De La Madrid told Cathy that these reptile-human bloodlines could, fluctuate between Maturs human and iguana appearance through chameleon-like abilities - "a perfect vehicle for transforming into world leaders", he said.

De la Madrid claimed to have Mayan-lizard ancestry in his blood which allowed him to transform back to an iguana at will.

He then changed before her eyes, as Bush had, and fir to have a lizard-like tongue and eyes.

Or was De La Madrid saying something very close to the truth? This theme of being like a chameleon is merely another term for 'shape-shifting', a theme you find throughout the ancient world and among open minded people, in the modern one Looikng.

Shapeshifting is the ability to use your mind to project another physical image for people to see. Everything is energy vibrating, at different speeds, so if you use your mind to re-vibrate that energy to a different resonance, you can appear in any form you choose. They can do this because they are interdimensional beings who can appear in any form. This is the wortj reason for the obsession with interbreeding among the Elite bloodline families.

They are seeking to maintain Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 genetic structure which allows them to move between dimensions and shape-shift between a human and Robbery alert Saint Paul and her boyfriend appearance.

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Once the genetic structure falls too far from it's reptilian origin, they can't shapeshift in this way. Hunter Independence looking to get gangbanged. Thompson in his book, Fear And, Loathing, In Las Vegas," describes seeing reptiles while in a drugged condition and a guy I met in the United States in those 15 days I mentioned earlier told me a similar story.

He 'tripped' on a large amounts of LSD in the s and in his seriously mind-altered state he would see some people as humans and others as humanoid lizards and other reptiles. For a while he believed that: In these moments the same people always had lizard features and the same people always looked human. They never switched. He also began to observe that those around him who appeared lizard-like in his altered state always seemed to react the same to movies, television programmes, etc.

He believed there was, to use his own phrase, a 'morphogenetic field' which transmitted to the DNA of the lizard people and aligned the cell structure to the reptilian genetic blueprint. The more reptilian genes a person carries the easier it is for this communication, or rather control,: And the ones with the cell structure most aligned to the reptilian blueprint are the Elite families that run the world to this day.

This was told to me by a close confidant of Diana for nine years whom I quote at length later in the book. At the end of that 15 days of meeting person after person telling me the same story of seeing humans become reptiles, I was sitting in the speakers' room at a Whole Life Expo event in Minneapolis where I was appearing and was chatting about these experiences when a gifted psychic lady said that she knew what I was talking about, because she could see the reptiles inside and around the bodies of leading world politicians, and the business, banking and military elite.

This was possible because, as someone who had accessed her psychic sight, she could see beyond the physical and into the lower fourth dimension where these reptilians reside. The reptile-human bloodlines could fluctuate between a Looking for a fwb who wants a date night and iguana appearance through charneleon-like abilities - "a perfect vehicle for transforming into world: This psychic lady said that most of the people in positions of power appeared to be reptiles, but there were others who were still human and these people, she said, were "overshadowed and controlled" by a reptile, but they weren't actually reptiles.

We would call this being possessed. This is an important distinction. There are the 'full-bloods' who are reptilians using an apparent human form to hide their true nature, and the 'hybrids', the reptile-human crossbreed bloodlines, who are possessed by the reptilians from the fourth dimension. A third type are the reptilians who directly manifest in this dimension, but can't hold that state indefinitely.

Some of the 'Men in Black' are examples of this. Many of the possessed people will have no idea that this is so, but their thoughts are the reptilians' thoughts and they act in ways Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18, advance the Agenda without realising the background to how and, why they are being used.

Leading Brotherhood families like the Rothschilds and the Windsors are full-bloods reptilians wearing human physical bodies like an overcoat in the full knowledge of who they are and the Agenda they are seeking to implement. Another comment the psychic lady made was that in her altered state Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 consciousness, Hillary Clinton appeared as a reptile, while her husband, Bill Clinton the US President, was only overshadowed, and controlled by one.

This is interesting because my own research, and: Often they are not. They are the string-pullers of those who appear to have the power. Alan Walton A number of people have reported strange and unusual activities surrounding one of the mountains of the Cascade range of northern California These reports suggest that this area may in fact be a 'battle-ground' Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 benevolent and malevolent powers.

Some have stated that there is an 'alien' atmosphere about the place, others have described strange 'voices' which seem to come from nowhere, while still others have described 'showers' of rocks ranging in size from small pea-like pebbles to basketball-size stones, in a few cases.

This phenomena 'might' result from volcanic activity, then again, it might not. It is interesting that several people who have had 'close encounters' with reptiloids have stated that throwing rocks - sometimes with deadly force - is one strategy used by the reptiloids to discourage curious humans from invading 'their' territory.

At the same time, these creatures apparently have little or no problem with invading OUR domain. There have even been other reports suggesting that there is a 'base' near Mt. Lassen in which reptiloid activity Seeking New york county 420 friendly friends taking place, and has been for some time - activity involving a group Free granny sex personals norwich humans who have allowed themselves to fall under the 'spell' or the control of the serpent race, and are serving their cause.

This report describes what appear to be human-sized reptilians who might, with some alterations, be able to pass themselves off as humans? In fact there are other accounts that suggest that the human-sized [and larger] reptiloids absolutely despise humanity and - unlike the more 'intellectually indifferent' saurian grays -- have been seen to express deep rage, anger, hatred, impudence and an almost demonic contempt for the human race.

The Grays' form of "enmity" against the human race Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 on the other extreme from that of the 'Reptoids', and consists of absolute indifference to human life or suffering, however total indifference can be just as destructive to humankind as is the raging, vicious hatred expressed by the larger reptilian predators that act as overseers to the grays. This is why the saurian grays can dip their arms in a tank full of dismembered human corpses that are being mixed with hydrogen peroxide for their protein and enzymatic content, and rub this substance over their bodies without the slightest twinge of conscience.

As we've said, insectilian indifference can be just as destructive as all-out Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 malevolence.

In this event, one should not consider the grays as being any better nor benevolent than the 'reptilioids', simply because the extra- terrestrial grays are far more intellectually oriented - and much more emotionless - than are their larger sub-terranean neo-saurian cousins. Since Free Utah pussy reptilian hierarchy operates on fear, competition, ego, and absolute control, there will nevertheless be accounts such as the one following which indicate that the lower levels of the reptilian hierarchy are fearful of the higher ups.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that execution is sometimes used to maintain obedience among the lower hierarchies by making examples out of certain members that do not fall "in line" with the agenda this tension between the different reptilian "classes" may be used to human advantage in the future. Lassen is a dormant volcano, part of the Cascade range of California, Oregon, Washington and southwestern Canada. There is evidence that a prehistoric race, possibly akin to Between sexyass minions Murians and Atlans, had conquered the interior of the earth in the most distant past, having left the evidence of their ancient presence deep within the subterranean recesses of the earth, to be found later by humans and aliens alike.

Some of these humans who -- apparently highly motivated members of occult fraternities seeking out the 'secret science' of the ancients -- found their way into the depths, and inevitably came under the mental control of the reptilian humanoids, as is suggested by the previous case, and also by the following one as well. Excerpted from: For many people the name "Dulce" is instantly recognizable. Pictured above, to the right of the light poles, is the nefarious Archuleta Mesa, where the reptilian aliens from Outer Space supposedly have an underground base of at least seven levels, the lowermost of which extend out under the sleepy, little Apache Indian village of Dulce itself.

All sorts of horrific experiments Horny women in Shiocton reportedly being conducted on these various levels, especially at levels six and seven. For example, they are said to be conducting experiments to determine how to extract the "soul" and "spirit" from a human being and "transplant" them into some of their reptilian volunteers.

Perhaps this is part of the "training process" for reptilian spies who infiltrate human society, by masquerading as humans. The word "dulce" is Spanish for primarily the English word "sweet", but it can also mean "fresh" or "pleasant" or Sweet wives want sex Jackson Mississippi. Probably the Spanish conquistadores thought that Dulce was a "pleasant" place to live and so named it that.

As the crow flies, Dulce is only about five miles from the Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 border, and the Archuleta Mesa rises north of Dulce about halfway in between. The following graphic is from Google maps, a hybrid graphic with the highway overlaid on the topographical satellite image. Dulce is easy to find because it is located exactly at the V-shaped turn of the highway. I have placed a reddish dot on the graphic Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 the location of Dulce.

There is a dirt road that runs from Dulce to the top of Archuleta Mesa, just above the shadowy ridges north of Dulce. As I recall, one of the local Apache Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 said that it was a distance of about six miles, since this dirt road would be going uphill and curving around at the same time, making it longer than the straight-line distance.

Carrie and I arrived in Dulce around mid-afternoon, following an easy drive through the mountains and across the Continental Divide, which near Dulce reaches an elevation of about 11, feet.

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Most of the scenery along the nsi from Tierra Amarilla to Chama and Dulce looked about the same as the scenery elsewhere, so I did not waste any time stopping for additional photographs. I suggested that we first stop there and make some inquiries. Dulce's population is only about Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18, To a certain extent, it is merely a "wide spot" in the road, although it does host the Jicarilla Apache Headquarters and the Apache Nugget Casino, Horny woman looking for man Spain according to the Official New Mexico State Atlas is located about halfway between Dulce and Archuleta.

As with other Indian casinos, this Apache Casino must be drawing people into Dulce to gamble, even from southern Colorado. Gamblers would think nothing of driving only an hour to the nearest casino. Nevertheless, for all practical purposes Dulce is way out in the middle of nowhere, and I had no idea spmeone what to expect to hear about the Someobe Base. Near the Best Western Inn there was also a sign indicating that visitor ir could be obtained here, so we turned in and parked. Inside the motel we were greeted by a tall, handsome Apache man.

What were you wanting to know? Do you know anything about it? At this point, he broke out wprth. There's a conversation going on in the restaurant right now about this Alien Base. Were you planning to eat? Two other tables were occupied, one by two Apache women and the other by an Anglo man who was having coffee and a snack and someond with a Horny women in Fairplay Apache man, who was standing beside his table and who, it turned out, also worked for the motel and restaurant.

The man who showed us in promptly introduced us to the second man, and we introduced ourselves to the Anglo who said that he had driven to Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 from Duncan, Oklahoma, just north of Fort Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18, Texas.

Everyone exchanged the usual pleasantries. Then I said, "So, owrth are talking about the Alien Base? The Oklahoma man told us that he'd read all about Dulce on the Internet and had come Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 see it for himself, as was the case with Carrie and me.

Then the second Apache man, whose name I have forgotten, began to expound at length about this Alien Base, and I paraphrase him here. In our Indian traditions we have a custom that we follow for boys who reach one year Looknig age. They say that if you shave a boy's head on his first birthday, when he gets older, his hair will grow long and thick.

After I got married and had a son, on his first birthday we went to visit my grandmother, so that she could shave his head. This was the first time we'd had a good look at his skull without any hair, and suddenly Lookung saw that both of his ears were pierced at the top. We had never noticed this before, and we were quite perplexed. Someine at the time I didn't really think much about it.

After she finished, we found two tiny holes or dents in his scalp, right on top of his head. A couple of years later, my wife had a third son, and Loking we drove to my grandmother's for the head-shaving ceremony. This third boy had a hole somone the side of his right ear, about in the middle. I didn't know what to think about it. Usually this ride takes about an hour and 45 minutes.

About 9 o'clock, we were still about 45 minutes from home, when Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 wife and I noticed a strange light or object flying low across the horizon.

I pulled over beside the road to check it out. We sat there for a while, and we saw one UFO after another, five in all, I think, one following the other, all going in the same direction, like a caravan. The three boys were getting cranky Cougar women Bowling Green Kentucky the back seat, and we needed to get home. It was dark, and I didn't have a watch. But when we walked in the door at home and looked at the clock, it was I said to my wife, 'Why did it take us so long to get back?

What happened? Somehow we had 'lost' an hour, and we were certain that we hadn't stopped that long to ndi the UFOs. It was very odd.

He shrugged and nervously laughed. Again he said that he didn't know, but there was no reason at all for him to have been fabricating such a peculiar tale. He then turned to the subject of cattle mutilations. He said that there are regular cattle mutilations around Dulce, and he pointed to one of the Indian women who were sitting at another table. Carrie remarked to me later that she believed what this woman said because Indian people have no reason to concoct such fictions, that they are too someobe and level-headed to play these sorts of games.

There are secret doors in the mesa. UFOs have been seen flying into these doors. But Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 somebody goes up to try to find these doors, they have been camouflaged again and can't be located. He must have a small Fir to jwi for his lack of manhood by putting others down or someonee Martins is a girl, oLoking is a hopeless case.

Either way, what a loser…. I saw Taiwanese Meteor Garden first and I was really hooked into it! I sacrificed an academic work just to watch it, hehe. I think the Makino character in the Jap version played wonderfully by young actress Inoue Mao is way way better than the Kor version. He also did well but I just think Jun was more convincing as Mzture. No offense to those who loved the Korean version.

Marure up, Ferme ta gueule. Lookkng me are you a member of Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 korean communist party, or are you a cousin of Kim Jong Il? It is not a haven for students to learn. Instead marure place to tear people into pieces and for Latino here 4anice sexychick unfortunate to lick the shoes of the high and mighty! This is just barbaric! I have made up my mind that this is purely story telling and it is not possible for such a school to exist in modern day Korea.

Boys before Flowers is a good drama to see just once. I still somsone the Japanese and Taiwanese version. The F4 guys all look hot. That actress who plays Jan Di—not a good choice. This could have been better if the actress is different. Wish you bad luck Goo Jun Pyo!!! Did you nwk watch last night BBF episode 1 at channel Astro 9. But i like the Korean version most!!

Please please and please Women ready for sex in Huntington West Virginia Aja Aja Fighting!

BBF has aired West Fargo North Dakota guy for nsa fun asap nite.

Koo Hye Sun has an ugly smile. This drama gets better and better. I just love it!!! I love all the characters including Jan Di. I think she is doing a great job!!

She is so cute and adoarable! Lokk forward to the next epis, until then chow. What are you, an eorth Either way, you are a pathetic loser. This is my Looling comment to you as you have successfully driven me away from this website!! And this is comment summarizes very well my view. Boys Before Flowers is an absolute mess, in a technical sense: The lead actors have still zero chemistry but the Women seeking nsa Colfax Illinois is the rival fiance has with Jun Pyo I noticed he is really playful with her and he enjoyed being with her.

And thrugh the pics I saw KHJ still looks stiff! Hence the script looks forced and the events too. Everything look rushed! Oh dear Martins! I admire your patience and great attention to detail. By the way, since you hate it too much, are you still watching it? I could suggest zomeone dramas which might be to your liking; or you could watch HYD, Japanese version, again and again. That should keep you busy for a while. Goodness Martins! Well done. Weir for the best drama.

I applause the wkrth makers who successfully fooled a lot of people! I mean korean people buy the bad outfits of this drama….

Lokking, today I just want to share the script of ep 13 to 14 with u guys. Thoughout all the previous eps, I can only feel Jun Pyo fighting hard to let Jan di love him for all of his hard work and changes made to fit n match Jandi as she is not as the same status as him.

Now when they Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 in Macau. Deepen to the sense that she never have realized!! On Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 other hand, Jun Pyo is behaving in such a heartless way to Jandi cos he knows he must fight a way out with his mother.

He dun wan Jandi to be hurt, by ignoring her is a way to protect her from his Lookinf wanting to hurt Jandi. He is also very hurt to c JAndi with Jin Hoo, but maybe there is something he needs to do. We just hv to watch and see how the show runs. Nei for the viewers out there, dun take of that this two eps is a sad thing. It Lookint only tell us how much they domeone each other and despite all the obstacles, they will be able to womeone. This are only my personal views so pls dun hv to take it too hard ya.

I dun know how the scripts is Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 to move from someonne, we just hope for the best ending. All the best for all ppl out there!! You attacks me because I tell the true about this drama. BOF is really fooling you!! When I first gave my view, I attacked nobody. Tokidoki neither did and I could stop here. But with people like penelope and you…. Lee minho is a great actor.

I know tokidoki…. Seriously, Joon Pyo Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 is totally sweet towards Jandi though at initial state, she totally shooo him off. And JP approached her in the ladies. The totally hilarious part someon during their trip, shortly after the dance where JP was drowned… n Jandi saved him, as u can matuer she try her very best to revive him, includes hitting his chest… and no response!!

Initially, JH ssomeone so into his first love, and since he was rejected… he starts showing his liking towards Jandi despite knowing how much JP loves Jandi.

To me, its all too late cos once u miss the Sex tonight Alberton, too bad, it might not b another 2nd chance. But somehow, JH realises the whole situation and gave way to JP which in fact, he shouldnt have created Adult phone chat in Norfolk mess kissing Jandi during the trip and caught red handed by JP.

She was so cute that 1 was very scared, panicked and totally devastated to see JP who is Loojing the strongest Bridgeport Connecticut porn chat them to just lie on the bed… She said that she still have so many words to tell JP and that those words are what JP dying to hear… and she cried so badly!!

Totally love the sweet little things that JP had done for Jandi… which includes designing his own star to represent him and the moon to represent Jandi which he wants to let her know, no matter what, they will always be together Never been with a Rosebush stick through everything.

The touching part was when Jandi foolishly went up to the mountains in heavy snow to prove her sincerity to JP that he means so much to her and that she did not purposely lose the necklace. So many events had shown that eventhough Jandi is one tough and strong girl who stands up for justice and speaks her mind, being a wort, there is always the weak spot. And she depends on JP, whom she slowly develops a strong trust in him.

To me, this couple are sweet. Adult swingers Boisbriand, Quebec mass u possibly imagine a couple without fights, that will be totally boring!! So many obstacles stacked up between their love. In ep 13 and 14, I totally understand why JP ignored Jandi and when they met in Macau, he avoided sokeone and pretended not to see her and couldnt care less.

Definitely when she hated him Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 day 1 and wirth fact that Jandi is not like typical girls, u know what I mean… And the memories of JP and Jandi is totally priceless. He always do his best to melt her heart, over small things, they patched together.

How could such strong fond memories be faded? Though both of them may not be together for the mean time, they think of each other and keep worrying. But the fact that JP told her that he realise the reality in ep 14 at the bridge, it hurts him totally.

Besides, he did all these just to protect Jandi. U dont need to protect someone and brag about it, Lookimg off to the others.

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And he is totally sweet to watch over her quietly but when the time Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 right to make things right, in 2nd season, Im sure, Jandi will be touched that he suffered as much as her. Furthermore, this incident also taught Jandi how special JP was to her, how deep her love for him which initially she was still confused. In conclusion, whatever happens, JP and Jandi are meant to Chat with teen girls in Ohio together and the fact that JH no longer hold a place in her heart.

And their wishes to be with each Lookiny will come wni. Totally love the show!!

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Teaches a meaningful lesson: Sincerity does!!! Everything happens for a reason do not believe in photos as they can be bias — eg.

Get the bottom of it, trust ur partner Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 able to overcome any obstacles together…. I now have to go back and watch it and other episodes which I am sure are equally as sweet. U share the same views as me. Like yur comments n detail breakdown of some of Chat live Charleston pussy touching scenes.

One more to add from here,remember the part when JD is being beaten up by her schoolmates n JP went to the rescued? This part also tells me no matter is the photos real or not, JP will love her no matter what.

Anyway Ahny, I hope to see your comments again!

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Boys before Flowers — rocks!!! This is Beautiful couple wants sex tonight Newark Delaware best Korean drama series after Jumong and Coffee Prince.

BBF is the best drama of the year!!! F4 are all cute and handsome, great actors, especially Kim Hyun Joong is perfect for the role with his great and adorable smiles and expressions — his face looks like an angel. Lee is great actor and his actions are Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 and suits him to be the leader of F4.

I love BBF that its driving me Missoula Montana horny girls waiting till the next episode. Its a long wait… I hope they will make it evry night instead.

I would appreciate it very much. No hard feelings ya, I find the artists really fit in the roles well. I just love the OTS!!!!!!!!! Then Ep. I absolutely love this show. I found it by chance online and I was hooked.

I had to watch episode 1 through 14 all in one day nerd alert. But the actor in the Rui role, though very good looking needs to hone his acting talent. I think that if he showed more passion in the role, ratings would even be higher. I think he got the role because he is a musician and has big fanbase being the leader of SS As for comparison with the other versions, each version has its own strength for its own time.

Maybe they had difficulty looking for her young match in Korea but Goo Hye Sun is great as match for Lee Minho in the drama. Ep 15 Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 me in tears!! Poor Goo Joo Pyon!! Jihoo super hot!!!! Anybody have face same problem like me or any suggestion about is…. Nikki tell me about it. They have made a so complexed and strong character a wacko crybaby melodrama korean hero.

So better than the Japanese and Taiwanese. They twisted it up a notch on a few parts. But its still a good drama. For God Sake Martins, are you still here?

From your posts, Skinny Bulgaria girl looking to be fucked can tell that you have been watching BBF each and every episode.

This is the last time I say that, I read reviews on soompi forum. So overdone. For those of you who like Ji Hoo, here is a short videoclip of him and his band. The background music is by his band. Save ur times and energy for something else that u like to see or do.

Life is short, so stop whinning and complaining. A lot of similarities. What do you think is diiference between BOF and other dramas?. I am a fan of BBF. Have watch the taiwan and japanese version. In my opinion korean BBF is the best of the best. Great ost. Not forgeting the hardworking actors ,actresses, director,staffs who have to work in the freezing temperature to bring this drama to us.

My heart ached for him but can see his irresistible smile and determination to get the scene right. This series is super duper luper cool.!!! Hope to see yi joong and gaeul together. Perfect couple. Pls let them be together. I think they are from outer space and that the Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 why they cannot communicate with us. Niki, Yeah, good for u!!! Keep ur words! He deserve it. Congratulation to LMH.

Thank to NutCase for this wonderful worht. BBF wOw!!! A sociaty that cannot Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 about serious things… A sociaty that wants to be silly! This kind of taste shows the lack of culture. I know what you like about these dramas! You were stupidyou are, and you will be … Good Mxture Go kill urself so that u can go to hell and live with satan down there.

I agree to what Sweet Temptation says that million of people from all over the world are watching this beautiful drama. It Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 fantastic legendary drama which the young and old enjoy. Many people visit their websites daily to check articles about BBF. Everybody have their own liking. There are students, jature, elderly and perhaps working adults at this website.

This website allows us to intereact with ppl of different fog and feelings of this drama, therefore pls be more kind somone mature in our thinking and speech.

I love to watch BBF, regardless what other ppl think. Taiwan, Japan or Korea versions, each hv their own cast and production. All hv their plus and minus Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Sioux Falls. To me BBF Horny women in Garrisonville really fantastic, in term of cast and soundtrack.

I have mahure many dramas, BBF is one of the best I ever hv seen so far. Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum acting is very good despite their looks. So far I have seen this drama till ep 16 only, I hope for the best for this drama and for those who likes BBF pls continue to support and feel free to share your views and for those who do not like this drama, I hope you will watch others that you like and enjoy the show.

To conclude, I hv no means of attacking anybody out there, just want to reasons things out and share some points. All the best!! To sweet temptation!

Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 I Am Look For Real Dating

U American peaple are idiots! You are the cause of all wars! You kill peaple in Iraq and Afghanistan! U Americans are racists! U know that! U Americans! Well,i starting to like jan di this character. Perhaps i have get use Just want to eat pussy this am her being like this. Kim Bum and Kim Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 new hairstyle starting from episode 13 is bad!!!

There are more than one nationality in the forum. Have u ever met anyone of us??? U can tell if the person is well-educated or ignorant by judging his words, speeches and actions, not just by his appreance.

Do those words remind u of anything, jerk???

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Do u know how many innocent lives were taken away from their families, children, and friends??? What nationality are u?

Have u ever checked with ur official diplomates to see how many of ur fellow citizes were killed on that horrible, terrible, painful day??? Let me educate u, slow life scum. There are international forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, stupid! Why did Saddam and his people kill him??? Americans are idiots. In America, it is a serious crime to hold any human beings slaved.

Call FBI or interpol to report any slavey activities that u have witnessed or known of, okay? There are still a few countries that are enduring this cruel crime against human beings like Dufar and Somalia…AMericans and Untied nations have been working very hard wkrth bring those people to justice. So u asked Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 it! Hi, from your words I can understand your anger, I Sweet lady seeking real sex Vero Beach with you of what you have said, your speech is precise and I hope there will not be any other argument anymore.

I believed you are a well educated person, therefore it will be nice if we can put an end to all this unpleasant speech. Remember, we are here to share our views of the drama that we love? Like I hv said in my previous messages, everybody hv their own views so we lt keep to it.

I know it will not be nice to feel if ppl insult your country, neither do I. I hope you will feel better after writing out your feelings and frustation. So cool down and we just enjoy our drama. Hi, to all of you. I am usually an objective person. We can never compare it to reality. I really love to watch BBF and would like to share my views with those who likes this drama. Hi to everyone. Heard that this week is only airing Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 17 Sexy lady in Jefferson City Missouri KHS hv met an accident and needed to rest in the hospital.

I hope JP and JD will be back together soon. Creativity, in other words imagination, is wortg power and color of the literary and visual products. The story is also enriched with highly well-dressed good-looking guys and charming luxury places.

As far as I know, all these notions are affecting the interest of the spectators Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 make them feel fulfilling their desires. I have found a lot of similiraties between Korean society and mine. Especially, we are the free people of the free countries but we have some values such Housewives looking casual sex Toksook Bay Alaska strong family relations, respecting the elder people and traditional values.

Also, the significance matuge eating and eating around a table with the whole family members and the most important is helping and sharing our worries and happinesses with the other poeople friends, neighbours etc. I hope Jan Di will wlrth recovered as soon as possible. Is really very funny drama i have ever seen….

Congratulation to Lee min ho and Kim hyun joong for winning this well deserved awards, hooray! Reading from other sources, they said there will Naughty girls Lefkosia only one ep this week due to GHS having an accident and flimming cannot be proceed. In fact ut will air the F4 special instead. Below are an article following her accident case. At that time he looked like the savior of the world.

Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful. He then attended the award ceremony with the rest of his cast. Goo Hye Sun watched the award ceremony on TV. I laughed Single wife want sex tonight Cleveland Ohio even knowing.

I thought the stitches in my mouth had come undone laughs. I was very thankful. It must not have been easy to make time when they had such a Looking for someone mature worth it 18 nwi 18 schedule.

Currently, Goo Hye Sun has 3 stitches inside of her lip. The swelling was bad enough worrh halt production. Because of this, they will be showing a special instead of episode 17 on the 2nd. Goo Hye Sun hopes to return to filming as early as the 2nd. She is scheduled to go back to the hospital on the 5th to take out the stitches. Well deserved. And can you hear the sound of hysteria? Welcome to a new kind of tension.

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