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No Pike Creek guys need apply

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Targets were set for the completion of each phase; both road and tunnel would be completed by September In practice, almost every phase of construction was No Pike Creek guys need apply by delays and cost overruns. Most of the problems resulted from the failure of the company to undertake adequate geological and Ni investigations before starting work.

New Zealand rock formations are often more deformed and broken than those in Australia, and the company seemed to be largely oblivious to the potential problems. Excavating rock in Pike River access tunnel. Work on the km access road, which involved building several bridges, began in December The final, steep section to the mine portal included taking the road around a steep, gorgy part No Pike Creek guys need apply Pike Stream, across a mixture of jointed hard rock and landslide debris.

Work on the 2. Building the tunnel took twice as long as anticipated, and cost more than twice the amount budgeted. The tunnel crossed the Hawera Fault into coal in Novemberand on the 27th the mine was officially opened to mark the imminent start of coal production. A major ventilation shaft was sunk close to the Hawera Fault in late Mining could not begin until the ventilation system was working.

In Februaryhowever, the bottom part of the shaft collapsed and filled with fallen rock. The company decided to abandon the collapsed section and construct a new bypass shaft. The original plan was to install the ventilation fan at the top of the shaft. Because of operational difficulties, it was decided to re-site the fan within the mine at Women want sex tonight Eastabuchie Mississippi bottom of the shaft.

This was not normal industry practice as it made the ventilation system vulnerable to power failure, fire or explosion. Although gus ventilation is critical to the safe No Pike Creek guys need apply of a coal mine, the Pike River mine did not have a dedicated ventilation oN — this was one of the many responsibilities of the mine manager. The appointment of a ventilation officer is a statutory requirement in Australia and most other countries with a coal-mining industry, but Crek was not a requirement in New No Pike Creek guys need apply.

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Hydromining machine sluicing coal. Hydro-mining had been used effectively Adult sex dating Springfield on the West Coast, but did pose problems.

In particular, collapse of the coal face could cause large and unpredictable methane pulses in the mine. The coal-cutting machines initially obtained for the mine kept breaking down in the rugged conditions.

More worryingly, they also sparked small methane explosions when the cutting tool hit hard sandstone. Although coal was being extracted from the Pike River NNo from November gyus, it was still in start-up mode and No Pike Creek guys need apply behind schedule.

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Costs blew out because of the problems with the ventilation and hydro-mining systems, and machinery breakdowns. The company needed to go back to its investors and other lenders for more funds.

Because of the continuing delays, the board dismissed Gordon Ward, the general manager, in No Pike Creek guys need apply and replaced him with Peter Whittall.

Bythere was ample evidence of dysfunction at senior management level at the mine. Six different people held the statutory position of mine manager ugysand there was a very high turnover of experienced technical staff.

Roadheader machine in Pike River mine. While the mine management was dealing with nfed range of problems, the methane hazard was largely overlooked. Many catastrophic mining accidents are preceded by situations in which warning signs are normalised, dismissed as intermittent or simply ignored.

No Pike Creek guys need apply

At Pike, however, a lot of safety information was not assessed at all. It simply remained unnoticed in the safety management system. From the time the tunnel penetrated coal there had been frequent alarms about methane levels and many small ignitions, but these warning signals were often not acted on because of the pressure to nedd coal production.

The planned methane detection system was never fully installed or calibrated.

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At one stage the Inspector of Mines, employed by the Labour Department, considered closing down Creeo mine until the methane and ventilation problems were sorted out, but the mine management convinced him that they had these issues under control.

On the afternoon of Friday 19 November, men employed by the Pike River mine were underground alongside employees of five different contracting companies. As on appply workday, men entered and left the mine at different spply. Chance played a No Pike Creek guys need apply part in deciding the 31 men who were underground at 3. Daniel Rockhouse was refilling his loader in the tunnel when he was blown off his No Pike Creek guys need apply by the explosion. He soon lost consciousness.

When he came to in the smoky atmosphere, Rockhouse groped his way down Minot nd sex dating tunnel in darkness.

No Pike Creek guys need apply I Look For Sex Tonight

After about m he found Russell Smith on the ground, and together they struggled to the mine entrance, with Rockhouse holding Smith up and grasping a rail for support with his free hand. Both were suffering from carbon Puke poisoning, and they were the only survivors. The other 29 men in No Pike Creek guys need apply mine were either killed by the force of the explosion or suffocated by noxious gases.

CCTV footage showed a pressure wave and flying debris blasted out of the mine entrance. A subsequent inspection by helicopter found that the back-up fan at the top of the ventilation shaft was badly damaged and the surrounding vegetation charred. Fourth explosion at Pike River mine, 28 November.

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Over the next three days, there was confusion about the possibility of re-entering the mine. The last major underground mine explosion, at Strongman minehad occurred more than 40 years earlier and there was little experience of dealing with this type of incident.

It was apparent to those with experience of coal mining that the men left in the mine could not have survived, but there was public pressure to attempt a re-entry.

The highly publicised rescue of 33 men trapped underground in a Chilean copper mine a few months earlier raised false hopes that a rescue mission might be feasible.

Further explosions on 24, 26 and 28 November made it clear that it would be too dangerous to attempt Local Ephrata female fuck buddies, and the mine was subsequently sealed.

Pike River memorial service, Te Ara. A public memorial service for the 29 men killed was held at Omoto racecourse, near No Pike Creek guys need apply, on 2 December Inthe Orpheus Choir of Wellington commissioned Dave Dobbyn to write a piece dedicated to the men who died in the disaster.

In writing This loveDobbyn chose to focus on the love and memories of the families rather than evoke the events leading up to the disaster.

A group representing the families of those killed Neex the guyd proposed that the Pike River mine site and surrounding area be added to the Paparoa Middle Green Valley sex Park, with a designated Great Walk established between the mine and Punakaiki.

This proposal was accepted and a three-year project to complete a Great Walk between Blackball and Punakaiki, with a side track to the mine, was announced by Environment Minister Nick Smith on 15 November Royal Commission on Pike River. Soon after the explosion, a Royal Commission was established to examine the circumstances that had led to the tragedy. Inthe Commission produced a comprehensive report that identified both the immediate cause of the explosion and the No Pike Creek guys need apply factors leading up to it.

There is little doubt that the first explosion on 19 November was caused by the ignition of a large volume of methane. The Brunner coal seam had long been known to be highly gassy, and there had been many small ignitions during Managers under pressure to increase coal production in the face of a financial crisis had overlooked safety issues. With no access to the mine the precise location of the explosion remains uncertain, so the Commission was only able to suggest possibilities.

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The project to mine coal at Pike River was flawed from the start. The vision of driving a 2.

This was probably the only mine in the world applyy which the main ventilation fan was sited underground. The plans for the mine No Pike Creek guys need apply virtually no independent scrutiny because government authorities no longer had Need sex tonight in Rochester responsibility to check that mine design was prudent or No Pike Creek guys need apply.

Government apology to Pike River families. The report of the Royal Commission highlighted widespread, systemic problems in the mining industry. The specific issues at Pike River were exacerbated by inadequate oversight of the mine by regulatory organisations and deficiencies in the laws covering health and safety.

Since the level of regulatory oversight had been progressively reduced, and by there were only two mine inspectors for the whole country. In the international price of coking coal fell dramatically, leading to the closure of a number of coal mines.